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    Increase the Range of Your Electric Commercial Vehicle with a Limiter

Electric commercial vehicles are the future, and it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are making the switch to electric driving. An electric motor delivers its maximum torque instantly from 0 revolutions per minute. This rapid acceleration, while advantageous in some respects, can negatively impact the vehicle’s range, as well as factors like cargo safety, tire lifespan, and drivetrain longevity. We will explain how you can extend the range of your electric commercial vehicle while benefiting from other advantages.

Optimize the Range of Your Electric Commercial Vehicle

For many businesses, being able to drive as far as possible with an electric commercial vehicle is crucial. The range determines how far you can drive on a single charge without needing to recharge. This range depends on several factors, but one area where improvements can be made is the vehicle’s energy consumption. This is heavily influenced by the driver’s behavior, meaning how efficiently the vehicle is driven.

Reduce the Energy Consumption of Your Commercial Vehicle 

The energy consumption of your commercial vehicle is primarily determined by the maximum speed at which it is driven. The faster you drive, the shorter the range. By moderating acceleration and implementing a maximum speed limit, you can delay the need for recharging and extend the range. Additionally, by accelerating moderately, you also place less demand on the battery. Electric vehicles accelerate rapidly due to their high torque, but this can have a significant impact on their range.

Safety and Quality Aspects

Electric commercial vehicles are often used by delivery services, courier companies, and meal delivery services, and they are frequently operated by young drivers. Ensuring that the cargo arrives undamaged and avoiding accidents are top priorities. The high acceleration capabilities of electric vehicles can encourage undesirable driving behavior. By limiting acceleration (power), you can easily prevent this.

A Limiter that Combines Speed and Acceleration

Limitation A limiter can serve multiple functions. The most well-known is the adjustable maximum speed limiter, which ensures that your vehicle’s top speed is always restricted. This reduces the demand on your battery and helps prevent speed-related violations. Additionally, a limiter can also be used to limit acceleration. This helps prevent cargo shift and reduces wear and tear on your tires and drivetrain. Combining these two functions can extend the range of your electric commercial vehicle and reduce its operational costs.

Limiter for Your Electric Vehicle 

When the speed limiter is installed, the driver will not notice it in operation. When the set maximum speed of the fixed limiter is reached, the vehicle will smoothly stop accelerating and will continue to travel at the maximum speed. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a limiter without sacrificing driving comfort.

Installing a Limiter in Your Electric Commercial Vehicle

If you want to have a limiter installed in your electric commercial vehicle, the ZEMCO SL900Ci is precisely what you need. This limiter is highly suitable for use in electric vehicles because it can be configured both as a fixed speed limiter and an acceleration limiter. Of course, these settings cannot be influenced by the driver.

ZEMCO speed limiters offer excellent value for money, are quick to install, and can be configured with a programming tool. Moreover, they meet all the relevant automotive standards and certifications. In some cases, we may not have the necessary vehicle data for your new commercial vehicle. In such instances, we can quickly retrieve the vehicle data ourselves, allowing us to provide a suitable product for your vehicle.

Ready to Extend Your Range? 

After reading this article, if you’re interested in our limiter, please feel free to contact us. Our experts are always available to provide personalized advice.


Why Zemco?

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    All the products are manufactured in a facility with the highest quality standards and with approvals equivalent to the highest standards in the automotive industry

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    The products are easy to install because we have specific installation manuals for more than 1600 vehicle models and the plug&play harnesses for the throttle

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    Interesting for professionals to sell and install, the best aftermarket cruise control available for the consumer

  • Easy to retrofit

    Due to the easy to contact technical department and R&D department of Zemco and the specific installation manuals everything is there for an smooth installation

  • Suitable for practically all modern vehicles

    We have for more then 1600 vehicle models the required technical data available in the form of specific manuals, connections and CAN-data



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