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    Zemco - RPM Limiters

Are you an automotive importer seeking to elevate your fleet’s performance and gain a competitive edge in the market? Look no further! Zemco, a reputable name in the automotive industry, is excited to introduce our cutting-edge REV (RPM) Limiter, a game-changing solution that will take your vehicles to new heights.

Why Opt for Zemco's REV Limiter?

Unrivaled Performance Enhancement: Zemco’s REV (RPM) Limiter has been meticulously engineered to optimize your vehicle’s engine performance by precisely regulating the maximum Revolutions Per Minute (RPM). This translates to more power, improved fuel efficiency, and a smoother driving experience, setting your vehicles apart from the competition.

  • Dependability and Quality: At Zemco, we prioritize quality and longevity. Our Rev Limiter is built to withstand even the most demanding conditions, ensuring consistent high performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Seamless Installation: We understand the importance of time and efficiency. Zemco’s Rev Limiter boasts a user-friendly design for hassle-free installation, reducing labor costs and downtime.
  • Tailored Solutions: Zemco’s Rev Limiter can be customized to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s for high-performance sports cars or fuel-efficient commuter vehicles, we have the solution that aligns with your goals.

Why Partner with Zemco?

Zemco has a distinguished history of delivering high-quality automotive solutions to importers worldwide. Our strong relationships with importers like you have been forged through consistently surpassing expectations and delivering innovative solutions. When you choose Zemco as your partner, you can rely on:

  • Reliability: Our products are celebrated for their reliability and top-tier performance, offering you peace of mind.
  • Expertise: With extensive experience in the automotive sector, we comprehend the unique challenges you encounter and can offer expert guidance.
  • Global Reach: Zemco boasts a global presence, enabling us to serve importers on a worldwide scale.
  • Continuous Innovation: Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of automotive technology ensures that our products are always at the cutting edge.

Make the Intelligent Decision Today!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your fleet’s performance and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Join the community of importers who entrust Zemco for their automotive solutions. Contact us today to discover more about our Rev Limiter and how we can bolster your business’s success. Together, we can drive innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.


Why Zemco?

  • High-end products

    All our products are manufactured in a facility with the highest quality standards and with approvals equivalent to the highest standards in the automotive industry

  • User-friendly

    Zemco products are easy to install because we have specific installation manuals for more than 1600 vehicle models and the plug&play harnesses for the throttle

  • For professionals and consumers

    Interesting for professionals to sell and install. We have the best aftermarket cruise control available for the consumer.

  • Easy to retrofit

    To ensure a smooth installation, we have easy-access technical & R&D departments and model-specific installation manuals available.

  • Suitable for practically all modern vehicles

    We have the required technical data & support available for over 1600 vehicle-models in the form of specific manuals, connections and CAN-data



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