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    Unlocking Comfort With Retrofit Cruise Control

In the fast-paced world of automotive technology, where new features and innovations seem to emerge daily, it’s easy to overlook the potential enhancements that can be made to existing vehicles. One upgrade that has gained popularity in recent years is the retrofitting of aftermarket cruise control. As the demand for this convenient and efficient driving feature rises, more and more drivers are exploring the possibilities of having cruise control retrofitted into their vehicles.

What is Retrofit Cruise Control?

Cruise control, a feature commonly found in modern vehicles, allows drivers to set a predetermined speed for their vehicle to maintain automatically. However, for those who own vehicles lacking this convenience, retrofitting cruise control becomes an attractive option. Retrofitting a speed limiter can be explained as the installation of an aftermarket system into a vehicle that did not come equipped with genuine cruise control from the factory.

The Process:

While the idea of adding cruise control to a car might sound complex, the retrofitting process has become more streamlined and accessible over the years. Zemco cruise control kits are designed to be compatible with a wide range of car brands and models, like Volkswagen Golf and Ford Fiesta. These kits typically include the necessary components such as a control module, command module, wiring harness, and other essential components. Zemco offers a complete and convenient solution for many types of cars.

For those who might be searching for cruise control retrofit near them, it’s worth noting that professional installation services are widely available. Skilled technicians can seamlessly install an aftermarket cruise control into your vehicle, ensuring a reliable and pleasant system.

Cruise Control installation and cost

The installation of a retrofit cruise control system typically involves several steps. These may include mounting the control module, connecting the wiring harness, and installing the actuator on the throttle linkage. While some experienced DIY enthusiasts may attempt the installation themselves, many drivers opt for professional installation services to ensure a seamless integration.

As for the cost, it varies depending on the complexity of the installation and the type of kit chosen. Basic kits with fewer features may be more budget-friendly, while systems with additional functions could be pricier. However, many drivers find the investment worthwhile, considering the long-term benefits of enhanced driving comfort, less over-speeding and better fuel efficiency.

Why Drivers Choose to Retrofit Cruise Control:

  • Enhanced Driving Experience: Retrofitting cruise control can significantly improve the overall driving experience. Long highway journeys become more relaxing, allowing drivers to maintain a steady speed without constantly adjusting the throttle.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Cruise control is known for promoting fuel efficiency by maintaining a consistent speed. This can lead to better gas mileage compared to the fluctuations that often occur when manually controlling the throttle.
  • Reduced Fatigue: Long drives can be tiring, especially when drivers need to maintain a constant speed. Retrofit cruise control alleviates this burden, reducing fatigue and enabling drivers to stay more focused on the road ahead

Finding the Right Cruise Control Kit: Considerations

When considering a cruise control retrofit, it’s essential to choose the right kit for your vehicle. Factors such as compatibility, ease of installation, and available features should all be taken into account:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure that the retrofit kit is compatible with your vehicle’s make and model. Compatibility issues can lead to malfunctions and suboptimal performance.
  • Warranty and Support: Choose a retrofit kit from a reputable manufacturer that offers warranty coverage and reliable customer support. This ensures assistance in case of any issues post-installation.
  • Installation Expertise: While some kits are designed for DIY installation, it’s crucial to possess the requires technical skills.

Seeking professional advice can be invaluable. Zemco is available for consultation with an experienced technician to help determine the best retrofit cruise control kit for your specific vehicle make and model.


Why Zemco?

  • High-end products

    All the products are manufactured in a facility with the highest quality standards and with approvals equivalent to the highest standards in the automotive industry

  • User-friendly

    Our products are easy to install. We have specific installation manuals for over 1600 vehicle models, and our plug&play harnesses for the throttle

  • For professionals and consumers

    Interesting for professionals to sell and install. We have the best aftermarket cruise control available for the consumer.

  • Easy to retrofit

    To ensure a smooth installation, we have easy-access technical & R&D departments and model-specific installation manuals available.

  • Suitable for practically all modern vehicles

    We have the required technical data & support available for over 1600 vehicle-models in the form of specific manuals, connections and CAN-data



Retrofit cruise control opens up a world of convenience and efficiency for drivers. As technology continues to advance, the accessibility and affordability of aftermarket kits make this upgrade an attractive option for those seeking to enhance their driving experience. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or simply navigating the daily commute, retrofit cruise control could be the missing piece that transforms your driving journey!

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