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Upgrade Your Car with the Best Aftermarket Cruise Control

Aftermarket cruise control systems are revolutionizing the driving experience, offering a blend of comfort and convenience that was once reserved for high-end vehicles. By installing an aftermarket cruise control kit, drivers can enjoy a more relaxed journey, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize the risk of speeding tickets. Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a road trip, or just going to the shopping mall; the ability to maintain a consistent speed without constant pedal adjustment is a game-changer.

Enhance Your Vehicle with Aftermarket Cruise Control Kits

The market for aftermarket cruise control kit solutions has expanded significantly, providing options for nearly every make and model. Here are some key considerations when exploring the world of aftermarket cruise control:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the system you choose is compatible with your vehicle.
  • Features: Look for kits that offer features like speed memory, acceleration control, and easy disengagement.
  • Installation: Seek professional aftermarket cruise control installation to guarantee a safe and seamless integration into your vehicle’s existing systems.

Expert Installation Services

For those without any experience with automotive electronics, professional installation is a wise choice. Technicians specializing in aftermarket cruise control systems can ensure that your new system is installed correctly and functions seamlessly with your vehicle’s electronics.

Why Zemco? Discover Our Aftermarket Cruise Control Systems for Cars

When it comes to finding the best aftermarket cruise control, it’s essential to weigh the benefits of each system. Zemco aftermarket products are known for 3 main benefits:

    • Reliability: Zemco has a proven track record for durability and consistent performance.
    • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface is crucial. Consider systems with intuitive controls and clear instructions.
    • Safety: Prioritize systems that include safety features, such as automatic disengagement when braking.

Conclusion: Drive Smarter with our Aftermarket Cruise Control

Investing in Zemco’s aftermarket cruise control systems is a smart move for drivers who value efficiency and comfort. With our products you can transform your driving experience, making long drives more enjoyable and your daily commute a breeze. Choose the best system for your needs and enjoy the benefits of retrofit cruise control, no matter the age or model.


Why Zemco?

  • High-end products

    All our products are manufactured in a facility with the highest quality standards and with approvals equivalent to the highest standards in the automotive industry

  • User-friendly

    Our products are easy to install. We have specific installation manuals for over 1600 vehicle models, and our plug&play harnesses for the throttle

  • For professionals and consumers

    Interesting for professionals to sell and install. We have the best aftermarket cruise control available for the consumer.

  • Easy to retrofit

    To ensure a smooth installation, we have easy-access technical & R&D departments and model-specific installation manuals available.

  • Suitable for practically all modern vehicles

    We have the required technical data & support available for over 1600 vehicle-models in the form of specific manuals, connections and CAN-data



Zemco aftermarket cruise control is compatible with some of the most popular car models, including Suzuki Swift, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Golf.

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